Why Our Group Will Succeed

Not all of us can be of one mind. Our group’s members may not all have identical ideas on all points. Nevertheless, I do believe all members agree that all dogs should be bred with kindness, with humaneness, and using only medically sound practices.

The members of our group believe we can make improve the lives of dogs by registering and regulating dog breeders, most probably at the state and local level.

We think that the best place to attack the problem is on the supply side of the dog breeding industry, not the sales/commerce/distribution side. Until we complete our research, we don’t know exactly what the reforms we are suggesting will look like or how best to go about enacting them.  Soon, we’ll know both.

Many dog lovers outside of our group care as passionately as our group’s members do about improving commercial dog breeding. They simply have other ideas about how best to reach the goal.

Some believe that the best path is to invest in campaigns to educate the public to get dogs from rescue groups, not from pet stores or from inhumane breeders. Others think that dog breeding could best be fixed by trying to control the sale of dogs on the Internet. Still others think that dog lovers ought to battle the AKC or the USDA. Still others feel strongly that large breeders, aka puppy mills, are the problem and that the best way to make them reform is to stop the sale of dogs at pet stores.

We are not here to criticize people who take a different approach from the one we have chosen. We are not here to say that our approach is right and theirs is wrong. We have had lively online debates, and we respect those with opinions different from ours.

However, we have chosen an approach.

The first step on our path is registering dog breeders. The next step is creating common-sense regulations to govern commercial dog breeding.

If you agree with our strategy and approach, we invite you to join a very gifted team of people who will be a part of a focused, well-funded effort to change dog breeding for the sake of the dogs.

If you don’t, let’s agree to stop arguing about which approach is the best.  Start another group, or join an existing one committed to the solution you think best. We wish you well.

Any discussion about how to use registration and regulation to advance toward our shared goal is welcome on our group page. Here’s the reason:

To succeed, we need to stay positive. We need to give ourselves fully to the strategy and tactics we have chosen. Re-debating them continually takes energy better used to go out and make genuine reform happen.

We are going to be successful because we are going to stay positive and focus our energy on a difficult, but attainable, goal. We are building a team of dedicated people who have been very successful in leading enterprises in the business and non-profit worlds.

It’s going to be a worthwhile journey. We hope you reflect on the ideas expressed here and choose to join us as we strive for a goal all of us share.

This article written by Ron Sturgeon, founder of Reform Canine Breeders and Auctions



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