What The Group Will and Won’t Do

What the group will do (not in any order):

  1. Work with interested stakeholders that agree with our mission statement.
  2. We need to work hard to get other breeds involved, or we could fail.
  3. We can’t eliminate breeders (or puppy mills, a non-definable term anyway), and shouldn’t, but can push for legislation that requires them to register and adhere to standards
  4. Review regs in all 50 states, target those that need regulations the most, copy or use pieces of the existing passed regs to draft a proposed regulation that we push in all 50 states. Then hire a lawyer or specialist to prepare draft legislation, may have to hire lobbyist or get help from activist, may find support from law students interested in practicums. Focus efforts on the source of the problem, the breeders, not the outlet of the problem, which is commerce (and which legislators won’t allow)
  5. Seek support from other breed groups, and not make our activities breed specific or exclusionary
  6. Seek input from reputable breeders
  7. Craft legislation to require all qualifying breeders to register. (regulation without this is very handicapped)
  8. Registration records should be public information (or those portions not restricted by privacy laws)
  9. Craft legislation that focuses also on abuse and mistreatment of animals. An easy to like goal
  10. Solicit donations and grants for the effort
  11. Work on informing the public. Use free methods like facebook and paid methods when needed that is incremental to getting legislation passed in a given venue if needed.
  12. Consider a PSA approach for puppy buyers – where / how to purchase or adopt
  13. Invite breeders to propose best breeding practices? To win their support? (from a group member/breeder, but it’s a great idea)
  14. Work with other groups trying to accomplish similar goals, if they are a good fit or incremental to our goal.

What the group is unlikely to do, without a super majority approval of the managing members, as called for in the bylaws (many may have merit but aren’t intended to be the focus of this group):

  1. Try to limit commerce or breeding
  2. Try to limit sales through specific channels, i.e. pet stores. (Why do we care so long as the dogs are bred in accordance with the requirements) in any case, don’t want it to be a distraction, whether it has merit or not.
  3. Pursue actions with the IRS or sales tax offices
  4. Not discriminate against small or large breeders, all are expected to adhere, regardless of size (subject to the minimum number called for in tbd regs)(to do so will prevent legislator approval of bills that restrict commerce, which isn’t our issue)
  5. Will not rescue dogs, or aid in purchase of dogs at auction
  6. Be sure to not to alienate any breed of dog from the interests of the organization.


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