The Strength and Transparency of Our Leadership Team

RCBA is about reforming canine breeding to ensure dogs are treated humanely, shown kindness, and bred using only medically sound practices.

We want to be transparent about who we are.

We have posted the resumes or narrative bios of key members of our team on the leadership tab on our website ( We have put out media releases announcing appointments of key people with brief bios. They are on our media page.

Our group is composed of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who love dogs and want to ensure those kept for breeding are treated humanely, shown kindness, and bred using only medically sound practices.

The founder of the group, Ron Sturgeon, is an entrepreneur who has three times started, grown, and sold businesses to Fortune 500 firms in a 35-year business career.

I, Hue Grant, President of RCBA, am an award-winning architect, summa cum laude Texas A&M Masters of Architecture graduate, and owner of an architectural firm. I am a civic activist and long-time supporter of animal rescue.

This morning, I did a survey of the resumes of the people who have volunteered to hold key offices.

  • All 27 are college educated, and many hold graduate degrees. Among our number are two veterinarians (and we have an opening for a third), three attorneys, psychologists, IT professionals, and CPAs.
  • Most of our key leaders are corporate executives, many of whom have held C-suite or other senior positions. Many own businesses and are successful entrepreneurs.
  • Among our leaders are trainers, researchers, and educators who have published in their fields.
  • Our group also includes professionals from the non-profit world and expert fundraisers.
  • More than half of our leadership has previous experience serving on a board, holding office in a civic organization or local government body or holding a leadership position in a not-for-profit.

We are a diverse leadership team that has representatives from 17 different states. We have formed quickly, and we will continue to grow using the talents of the hundreds of people who have volunteered to help accomplish our mission.

We have leaders who are active in rescue groups for many breeds.

We have leaders who have been active in the dog show world.

We have leaders who are veterinarians. One of the veterinarians is also a breeder.

Responsible, quality dog breeders are welcome and wanted here. We are grateful for the work they have done to preserve breeds that we care about. Many breeders have come to us privately and expressed support and a willingness to explore alternatives to make the industry better for the dogs.

Our group is different from some others because of the deep bench of leadership with solid experience in the business world. We’re pragmatic. We want all the stakeholders involved. We’re focused and funded.

In a few short months, we have accomplished a lot. Our success continues to build upon itself. As talented people see the team we have already attracted, they want to be a part of what we are doing. We’re making real progress and invite you to join us.


It’s all for the dogs.


Hue Grant, RCBA President


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