A focused, funded, strategic effort to eliminate inhumane canine breeding practices for all breeds

Some dog lovers want to shut down dog sales at pet stores because pet stores buy their puppies from puppy mills. As a dog lover, I can understand why some feel this way.

Here’s my question: If the dogs for sale at the local pet store came from a breeder who didn’t mistreat dogs, would you still want to ban that store from selling puppies?

My answer is no. I care about how the breeder who produces the dogs treats them, not where he or she sells them.

There are big dog-breeding operations and small ones. Two questions: Can a big breeder treat dogs humanely and still make a profit? Can a small breeder do the same?

My answer is yes, I think so. There are good dog breeders out there. They treat their dogs with kindness and humanity. These breeders care about more doing right by their dogs. Some run big operations; some sell only one litter per year. Both are doing dog breeding the way it should be done.

Dogs deserve to be treated with kindness, receive humane and medically sound breeding practices. It’s that simple.

Should it matter where such a breeder sells her dogs? Sale to pet shop or private owner, the breeder has fulfilled her duty to treat the dog humanely, right?

We intend to work on the problem from the supply side (breeders), not the demand side (stores, online sales, etc.), starting with registration of all for-profit breeders and then regulation of breeders and auctions.

We have a well-funded, focused, strategic effort underway to fix the inhumane treatment of dogs by irresponsible breeders at the source.

It’s simple really. All dogs should be treated with kindness, humanely, and with Medically sound business practices.

Please visit our site and learn about our effort. We’re a diverse group – ex CEOs, CFOs, executives, dog breeders, rescue group leaders, show breeders, veterinarians, and dog lovers of every kind.

Together, if we focus, we can make dog breeding better. We would love to have your help. Come and meet other people interested in solutions! Visit ReformCanineBreedingandAuctions.com.

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