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To reform the breeding practices of canine companion animals and their auction, through legislative initiatives including registration of all breeders.
Dog lovers, Rescue group members, Veterinarians, and Breeders with all size kennels. We want to hear from everyone in order to put together the most comprehensive legislation possible.
We know that other groups may have other ideas about how to reform commercial dog breeding. Many want to restrict the places that dogs can be sold, while some want better regulation of Internet sales of dogs, and others want to reform AKC or USDA rules to better regulate breeders. Each of these approaches has merit, but to succeed we believe we must use our resources where they will do the most to advance our goal.
Our approach will differ from those that have come before us because we are looking at the problem from a business standpoint. The bottom line is that breeders are a business and therefore legislation needs to be geared towards the business and not the emotional side of dog breeding. The end goal is still the same a world in which every dog bred for profit is treated humanely, shown kindness, and bred using only medically sound practices.
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